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Transfer deadlines

WAFFL transfer deadlines for the season are listed below. If you fail to register your selections before the specified deadlines then your existing team selections will roll over as described in the rules and any invalid selections will be replaced by Random Roger.

Note: I strongly recommend that you register your transfers well in advance of the deadline in case you are unable to access the site on the day of the actual deadline. Note that transfers made in advance may still be modified at any time up to the relevant deadline. If Random Roger gets there before you then his selections will stand (Rule 6 applies).


1Friday, 9th August 201918:00 2Saturday, 17th August 201912:00 3Friday, 23rd August 201918:00 4Saturday, 31st August 201912:00

5Saturday, 14th September 201912:00 6Friday, 20th September 201918:00 7Saturday, 28th September 201912:00 8Saturday, 5th October 201912:00

9Saturday, 19th October 201912:00 10Friday, 25th October 201918:00 11Saturday, 2nd November 201912:00 12Friday, 8th November 201918:00

13Saturday, 23rd November 201912:00 14Saturday, 30th November 201912:00 15Tuesday, 3rd December 201918:00 16Saturday, 7th December 201912:00

17Saturday, 14th December 201912:00 18Saturday, 21st December 201912:00 19Thursday, 26th December 201912:00 20Saturday, 28th December 201912:00

21Wednesday, 1st January 202012:00 22Friday, 10th January 202018:00 23Saturday, 18th January 202012:00 24Tuesday, 21st January 202018:00

25Saturday, 1st February 202012:00 26Saturday, 8th February 202012:00 27Saturday, 22nd February 202012:00 28Friday, 28th February 202018:00

29Saturday, 7th March 202012:00 30Saturday, 14th March 202012:00 31Saturday, 21st March 202012:00 32Saturday, 4th April 202012:00

33Saturday, 11th April 202012:00 34Saturday, 18th April 202012:00 35Saturday, 25th April 202012:00 36Saturday, 2nd May 202012:00

37Saturday, 9th May 202012:00 38Sunday, 17th May 202012:00