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WAFFL Fixtures 2021/2022

Active or completed fixture details can be viewed by clicking on the fixture once the transfer deadline for the relevant week has passed.

Week 38 (Deadline = 15:00 on Sunday, 22nd May 2022)

Chicken Tikka Mo Salah v The Septic Tanks  

Ethynol Rangers v Goxhill United  

Fat Gadgies v The Auckland  

Game of Throw Ins v Cloughies Red Nose  

Sabiya Wanderers 2020 v 8th of May  

Spanish Villains v Titi Floats On  

The Bastard Sons of Peter Beardsley v Dimis Crusaders  

The Firm v Be Champions  

TITS v Aston Vanilla  

Wilder's Red and White Wizaaards! v Lokomotiv Lesbia