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WAFFL Classic Rules

1Competition Entry and Structure
1.1Entry into WAFFL Classic is free.
1.2Teams will be divided into individual leagues each containing 20 teams.
1.3The first 20 entries will form League One, the next 20 will form League Two, etc.
1.4If the total number of entries is fewer than 20 the competition will consist of a single League and numbers will be made up as necessary by "Bot" teams with randomly generated team selections.
1.5If the total number of entries is greater 20 the competition will consist of a multiple Leagues and any shortfall in the final League will be made up by teams randomly duplicated from League One - i.e. the first 20 entrants may end up running a team in two Leagues.
2Competition Format
2.1Each team within a given division will play every other team in that division twice during the season on a home and away basis - i.e. the league season will run for the full 38 weeks of the English Premier League season.
2.2Points will be awarded on the basis of three for a win, one for a draw and none for a defeat.
2.3If two or more teams within a division are level on points, league positions will be decided based on goal difference. If teams are still level, positions will be decided based on goals scored. If teams are still level, positions will be decided based on the aggregate score from the matches involving the relevant teams. If teams are still level I will try to separate them with a crow-bar and then, if all else fails, positions will be decided by the exchange of a brown envelope at a motorway service station.
3Team Selection and Composition
3.1Each team must consist of four components (a goalkeeper, a defence, a midfield and an attack) drawn from the teams in the English Premier League - e.g. your starting team line-up could consist of Arsenal as goalkeeper, Newcastle in defence, Liverpool in midfield and Chelsea in attack.
3.2A new team of four components must be selected for each round of league fixtures.
3.3The maximum number of times each Premier League team can be used during the season is determined by their finishing position in the previous Premier League season as follows:
3.3.1Teams finishing in positions 1-6 may be used a maximum of 8 times each.
3.3.2Teams finishing in positions 7-14 may be used a maximum of 9 times each.
3.3.3Teams finishing in positions 15-17 plus the three teams promoted from the Championship may be used a maximum of 10 times each.
3.3.4Specific details for the current season are available in your "Gaffer's Office" after registration.
3.4Within each WAFFL team line-up a maximum of two of the selected teams can be playing at home in the relevant round of Premier League fixtures.
3.5Selection deadlines are also listed in your Gaffer's Office. If you fail to register your team selection before the specified deadline your existing selections will roll over subject to the following conditions:
3.5.1If your existing selections are valid according to rules 3.3 and 3.4 above they will roll over unchanged.
3.5.2If one or more teams within your existing selections have reached their maximum use count they will be replaced at random by a valid selection.
3.5.3If three or more teams within your existing selections are playing at home in the relevant round of Premier League fixtures then an appropriate number of teams will be removed and replaced at random to achieve a valid line-up.
3.6In the event that you are unable to select a valid line-up according to rules 3.3 and 3.4 above, your WAFFL team will contain one or more NULL selections. NULL selections score as follows:
3.6.1Midfield and Attack: 0 goals
3.6.2Goalkeeper and Defence: -3 goals
3.7For the purpose of rule 3.4 NULL selections are deemed to be away from home in the PL fixtures.
3.8Transfers may be registered in advance but will only take effect on the scheduled dates.
3.9Transfers which have been registered in advance may be altered at any time up to the relevant transfer deadline.
4.1The number of goals scored by your team in any week will be determined based on the performance of the relevant components in the corresponding Premier League fixtures as follows:
4.2Each goal scored by the team providing your midfield and attacking components adds one goal to your score for the week.
4.3Each goal conceded by your goalkeeper or defence components reduces your score by one goal.
4.4To simulate “home advantage”, away teams in WAFFL fixtures are automatically handicapped by one goal - i.e. they start the match with a score of -1.
4.5To determine the number of goals scored by your WAFFL team, add the number of goals scored by your attack and midfield teams and subtract the number of goals conceded by your defence and goalkeeper teams. If you are the away team in the WAFFL fixture subtract one additional goal. The resulting total is the number of goals scored by your WAFFL team. The number of goals scored by your opponent is calculated in the same way based on their own team composition.
4.6If either or both teams end up with a negative score, the appropriate number of goals will be added to both sides such that the (most) negative score becomes 0.
4.7In the event of a scheduled Premier League match being postponed or abandoned, I will log the latest score from the affected WAFFL matches and then complete the scoring when the relevant matches are eventually played.
4.8In the event of a Premier League match being played earlier than scheduled I will adjust the relevant traansfer deadline accordingly and will try to inform all participants of the revised deadline.
5How to Enter
5.1To enter, please register here. You will need to provide the following information:
5.1.1A valid email address. This will be used as your WAFFL account name but is not visible to other users of the website.
5.1.2A password of your choice. Passwords must be a maximum of 14 characters in length and are required for you to access your WAFFL account.
5.1.3A password reminder hint. This can be anything up to a maximum of 50 characters and should be a word or phrase which will enable you to remember your password but should not enable others to guess your password.
5.1.4A WAFFL username of your choice. Maximum length is 25 characters. This can be your real name or an alias but be aware that your username is visible to other users of the website.
5.1.5Your WAFFL teamname. Maximum length is 40 characters.
5.2You may not select a user or team name which is already in use.
5.3User and/or team names which are deemed (by me) to be overly offensive will be subject to change.
5.4For full details on how your personal details are stored and used please refer to our privacy statement.
6The Main Rule
6.1In the event of any dispute or confusion, I am right and you are wrong.